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What is the best way via script to pause, un-pause and end-save a game session?
I saw under the section Game>Game States there are a list of Game States that seems relevant but I am not quite sure how they work.
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  • There's, a pause game function available to call:
    Maki.Game.PauseGame(pause, setPauseTime, setFreezePause)
    All 3 parameters are bool values, pause will pause (true) or unpause (false), setPauseTime pauses the game time count, setFreezePause sets timescale to 0, halting everything.

    As for saving:
    index is the index of the save file, e.g. 0 for the first save game, or Maki.Game.AutoSaveSlot to use the current auto save slot.

    Ending the game, this function stops the game and loads the start menu scene:
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  • That's perfect, thank you Nicholas :)
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