Overall the tutorial rambles. It is difficult to follow. s there a better tutorial to use than the one given under UI initial setup?
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    The UI Setup and Status System Setup tutorials contain a lot of data entry, and if you find it tedious you have to consider whether you're actually learning anything in doing them. Maybe it is better for you to just read over the material and then download the completed setup so that you can begin one of the three main tutorials: 3D RPG Playground, 3D Action RPG, or 2D Grid Battle RPG. That's what I did.
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  • The tutorials aren't just 'set up this here', they also contain a lot of explanation about why this is done. ORK is a tool, and the tutorial setup is just one of many possible variations to use it.
    So, yeah, it rambles a bit in that regard :)

    The initial UI setup is a bit tedious due to involving a lot of things:
    - changing UI system in editor
    - TMP setup
    - UI environment scene for prefab editing
    - UI box and input prefab setup
    Setting up the prefabs can be skipped if you download and the provided UI assets, though I'd recommend to learn how to do this at some point.
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  • I'm just not sure there's a way to make UI setup not-boring, UI is just kind of tedious by the nature of it. But the tutorials are extremely helpful and I've gotten a surprising number of questions answered myself just by reading them more closely.
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