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I've finished 90% of the tutorials now but there are some thing i cant get my head around. I'm trying to make rune factory prototype. I already quickly run through the discussions and cant find the answer. Here is the question.

Is it possible to make interactable farmland? I mean, with hoe .. i can make a farmland and with seeds i can plant on them. if its not possible with ork, can i make it with Makinom?

I'm sorry if its sound like a stupid question. I'm completely new to game development and a terrible coder. Thank you so much in advance.
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  • It's possible, but somewhat complex. Generally, you'd use variables for this (and schematics, naturally :D).

    The easiest way would be to have fixed placed where you can do this, i.e. each plot where you can plant something is it's own game object with an Object Variables component to keep track of the plot's state.
    E.g. via an int variable:
    - 0 > not planted
    - 1 > potato planted
    - 2 > salad planted

    Additional variables could keep track of growth, etc.

    Spawning the prefab for a plant (and growth state) can be handled by machines on the game object. E.g. if it only grows when entering the scene, just a simple Auto Machine that checks what's planted and the growth and spawns the needed prefab.
    Or, have all plants/states already on the prefab and use a Game Object Manager instead to enable/disable them based on variables.
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  • That's exactly what i needed. Thank you so much!
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