Hi. I feel like I am missing something stupid but I cannot seem to find any way to change the default "Interact" prompt that comes up at an interaction.
I would like to have different text show for different interactions if this is possible?
  • Sure - generally, which text is displayed is set up in your HUD's prefab (i.e. in the Unity UI setup you did on the prefab).

    To show different interaction HUDs for different interactions, you can define for which interaction a HUD is shown via it's Display Conditions > Interactions settings.
    It defaults to showing for Any Interaction - otherwise you can add for which Machine Types it's displayed.

    Machine types are set up in Base/Control > Machine Types and can be assigned in your interaction components (e.g. Interaction Machine or Item Collector components).
    For item collectors, you can set up the default machine type for newly created item collectors in Inventory > Inventory Settings in the Item Collection > Default Start Settings.
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  • Cool, got it working! Thank you
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