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Hi Team!

Unity and ORK have enabled me to start work on a story I’ve wanted to tell for a long time. So many thanks to ORK for making it happen. I have a background on iOS development, but ORK has taken the complexity of RPG development and made it accessible.

The primordial world of Eaeodin, governed by the Stairs of the Tetrad, owes its balance of peace and prosperity to nature herself. The world orbits a massive dark void visible by each of the four nations - exactly 3 months out of the year, also known as “The Phasing”. This process leaves two nations in darkness, and the other two in light. This Phasing keeps the world in balance, that is until the secrets of the void unravel, and two nations threaten to upset the balance, leaving the others perpetually in the dark Phase.

Yeah yeah, lot to unpack there, but it’s an Americans take on his beloved JRPG evil empires haha. Enjoy the day, night cycle here, along with weather and particle tests. Appreciate the look!

darkFrost -DevLog 3 - Time Lapse of Day / Night System - Unity Project
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    Remember, I set the time clicks way up there to make a short video, definitely does not move this fast hahaha. Weather and time work as part of the ability system.

    Also, if anyone is curious - using SRP, might go HDRP but I just don’t see the need yet. Absolutely love leveraging the post processing, you see it at twilight with the bloom. Spend way too much time with that stuff than I do actually building the game!
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    Using the completed 3D RPG Playground to get a feel for ORK and designing around it. So lots and lots of prototyping - I don't know why I get embarrassed about being so noob - but I love this!

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  • The Empire... evil?...I like your Red Mage guy. This looks like the kind of game that would be right at home on the Switch, but HDRP isn't compatible with the Switch as far as I know, so watch out.
  • @Scyra - yeah the classic, dominant empire, seeking to destroy the world in their favor. That kind of thing. And I’m glad you felt the Switch style indie vibe as the stylized approach which you see on many Switch games is what I’m after. And yes - SRP is about as good as I’ll get, honestly the HDRP wouldn’t really help
    me here. My next battle is lights.. they are so expensive as is, and I can pull 125fps in the editor with my RTX3080, but that’s not flying on my targets. Being a top down style really helps, as eventually it’s get some forced linear paths that will reduce the need to render the entire open world. Dungeons are a challenge, and have been the focus on my level stuff for now. My Steamworks account is all set, hoping to launch page with a simple loop to start wishlists, just need to be confident I have all of ORK mastered so I can really speed up development.
  • Had been working on a time/calendar system, along with seasonal related weather changes. Was working on UI last night, and was caught up in a blizzard of my own making hahahaha. Totally unplayable as I couldn’t even make out my characters - but cool to see and excited with where it can go.

    Dragon in the frost:


    A bunch of prefabs thrown down to prototype looked really cool too:

  • Also - battle system UI, it’s working now in battle, but having issues with multi box and alignment. Hope to have this working right tonight.

  • I really like that clean UI!
    Miuratale : coming 2024
  • @Wrofir - thanks! It’s a inspired by a mashup of final fantasy and fan art I’ve seen out there. That selection gradient is what I’m working on right now - as I’m trying to tween it with a transparent gradient with a soft glow of its center to give it a pulse, livens it up just a bit. Can’t wait to show the pause/inventory/abilities menu - UI is the worst to work on but it’s starting to come together!
  • The UI looks good, I like the style. I've been working on UI for just over 10 days but it already feels like a month.
    theProject said: My next battle is lights.. they are so expensive as is, and I can pull 125fps in the editor with my RTX3080, but that’s not flying on my targets.
    Well I'm sure you're using realtime global illumination in the editor. Baked lighting will fix the performance when the time comes.

    If that's a Unity terrain, try turning on instancing and then see how high you can push the pixel error.
  • @Scyra - right!!? I swear it’s what looks to be the simplest of things - and it turns out to be a nightmare. I really should just stop, and create a good design doc but I feel like I’m wasting precious time even doing that. I plan on doing one at some point, but have been really exploring what I can do with ORK and Unity so I can design within my ability.

    And totally right about on the lighting,I’m going to check in instancing now as I am seeing the cpu take a hit here, and would love to get more out of the gpu as it’s there for sure!

    While I got you, have you played around with any procedural snow before? Working on a good solution that doesn’t just look painted, extracting meshes and the such. I can make a mean blizzard, just working to get some nice depth out of it!
  • theProject said: I really should just stop, and create a good design doc but I feel like I’m wasting precious time even doing that.
    A checklist of broken down tasks can suffice for a long time.

    For snow I had originally planned on using the Global Snow asset, by Kronnect, but it's for built-in only, and now I'm leaning toward HDRP. Anyway, I'll wait until the holiday sales and see what's available. For snowfall, either a camera filter or particles. For terrain, rocks, and vegetation, I'll look for a shader. Many of the winter environment asset packs have something slider-driven like this:


    I suggest not buying anything until you're ready to commit to level design, though. Many environment assets end up deprecated after a year or so.
  • That’s a good point. I started with a ton of base assets to speed things up, and then iterate from there what I need through Blender or Maya - little more comfortable there.

    I’m looking to do something like this with snow:

    But to your point, I’ve learned to stay away from what I want until I get something done. For now it’s still the UI. Somehow OnSelect gets stuck on the update loop for buttons, which I believe is ORK and my UI passing events every frame through Update() - wouldn’t happen to know how to debug all instances of Update would ya? Actually it just dawned on me Makinom does this under Play mode doesn’t it?
  • I know MicroSplat has that snow trail effect as an add-on module.
    theProject said: wouldn’t happen to know how to debug all instances of Update would ya?
    No, I don't know how to do that.
  • Microsplat - going to check that out!
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    More art = more pics - this is turning out awesome, and I'm really enjoying the hundreds of hours I'm spending!




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