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Do i still need to add the battle to the scene even if majority of the confrontation isn't "scripted" i guess in a game, everything is scripted but i want the encounters to be based on sight and faction only pretty much i dont want you to HAVE to fight because you step into that zone
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    What kind of battle system are you using? I just flew through reading some of the posts here and I think you don't have to fight a combatant if it's friendly. I think the rest depends on how you set up your battles.

    If you're using Real Time Battles you have the choice, I think, of either setting up a Battle Area in the scene or

    using the Battle Component, have a single battle at a time.

    I don't know if there's a tutorial on doing that. Haven't gotten there yet but I like the idea.
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  • No, you don't need to place a Battle component/object for each battle - you can use Combatant Spawners to spawn your combatants in the scene. A battle will automatically start if the player comes within the enemy's Battle Range (defined in the combatant's settings).
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  • ok nice thats what im talking about thanks GIL and might i say i cant wait for 2.1.4!
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