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My research item has Research Duration set to Time and I start the research item by calling ResearchItem.StartResearch(); but I there is a problem:

The ability doesn't level up after the research item is complete.I'm sure the player has learned the "Attack" ability and has Level.1 before starting the research.
Do I have to claim the research result?

Start the research item:

public void OnUpgradeButtonClicked(){
if(m_CurrentResearchItem != null){
switch (m_CurrentResearchItem.State)
case ResearchItemState.Unresearched:{
case ResearchItemState.InResearch:{
//TODO:Spend money and finish immediatly

The settings of the research item:
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  • Does it have any conditions? Generally, level 1 of the ability doesn't need to be known to learn level 2, only if you've set it up as a learn condition.

    Where/how do you get the m_CurrentResearchItem in your code?
    For research to work properly, the research tree/item instances need to come from the combatant's research handler, which has options for this via the combatant instance's property:
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