I'm working with Wwise audio engine instead of the default unity audio. Because of this , I cannot simply specifiy an audio clip in ORK 2.34 to trigger sounds. What I want to achieve is to detect the mouse click on an ability shortcut button to produce a "click" sound. I was able to achieve that with the "Continue" button since ORK uses a prefab, so I just needed to call a c# function from the button component of the prefab. However, I was not able to find where in ORK the Ability Shortcut button prefab is specified.

My solution was to use a Battle Event, or a User Change Event in the Ability. However, this is not working very well since sometimes, there's a target selection dialog before the Ability and the "click" sound is triggered too late.

What would be the best way to solve this problem?
  • Somewhat hacky, but you could add a Click Action to your shortcut HUD element to start a game event playing your audio.

    If you're somewhat proficient in scripting, you can also adjust ORK's source code to play audio via Wwise instead Unity's audio sources.
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  • Thanks! The click action works perfectly!
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