I have a quest with kill enemy requirements (Exactly like the kill wasps/spiders ones from the RPG Playground tutorial) and I need to change the amount of killed enemies with either a schematic (Or even by script if not possible with a schematic).
So essentially I need to add 1 to the amount of target enemies killed (Counting towards my quest) without actually killing the enemy in a battle.
  • That's currently not possible via schematics - I'll look into adding new nodes for this.
    You can change the state of a task, e.g. setting it to finished, though.

    Via scripting, you'll first need to get the instance of the task using the task's settings (e.g. via it's asset or it's index/GUID using ORK.QuestTasks.Get) and also use an instance of the combatant:
    QuestTask task = ORK.Game.Quests.GetTask(ORK.QuestTasks.Get(index));

    index would be an int value representing the index of the quest task in the editor (you can also use a string with the GUID of the task).
    combatant is a Combatant instance of the combatant that was killed.
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