I have a question about Makinom's Space Shooter tutorial.

How can I turn the ship down and still have zero rotation?
The tutorial assets have this setting.

I want to make this setting using the ship's assets I bought myself.
However, my ship is facing up first. It can be rotated 180 degrees and turned downward.

However, this method did not work with Enemy Mover: Schematics in 09 Enemy Ship Mechanics.
With the Rigidbody Move Rotation node, the ship always turned up when I ran the game.

So, I would like to know how to make a prefab for a ship with the ship facing down and with zero rotation.

  • I solved it myself.
    In the tutorial asset, I noticed that the enemy ship rotated 180 degrees is made a child object, and the parent object is set separately.
  • Yeah, placing stuff on empty game objects is usually the way to go when setting up prefabs for models that you want to be rotated differently. Otherwise you'd have to change that in a 3D model program.
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  • Thank you for your answer!
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