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Hi -
I'm attempting to start a battle in another scene similar to the scenario described in this tutorial:

I have created a Battle in scene 1 that uses the "Teleport Battle Start Schematic" downloaded from the tutorial above. Scene 2 is just a simple static scene with a spawn point. When the Battle is initiated, the Schematic runs and loads Scene 2, but it does not spawn the combatants and does not fade back out the white screen.

-The Battle is setup to use a defined enemy combatant and the player.
-Scene 1 has a ORK Game Starter with a simple Start Schematic that adds the player to Active Player Group and Spawns the Player

Any idea why my combatants aren't spawning in scene 2?

On a side note, it would be great if the system created error logs when it finds that something goes wrong or something is not properly hooked up. I really feel in the dark when something doesn't work, without much to do to beside poke around at the hundreds of settings.

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  • Hm, did a quick test, just hooked up the teleport battle start schematic in my project and it worked fine.

    Do you get any error in the Unity console? E.g. if the battle scene isn't added to the Unity build settings it'd let you know that the scene couldn't be found.
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