Hey Team -

If my party characters have different sets of armor, and weapons designed for them - what would be the best way to go about that when they get equipped, the combatants new outfit is on?

Thanks for the thoughts!
  • To be clear - I mean the new outfit shows up on after equipping in the menu screen. Can’t have characters changing jobs from Mage to Knight and only wear his original robes! Hahaha
  • Generally, using Equipment Viewer components to spawn the prefabs of your equipment on the combatant's game object.

    E.g. the 3D RPG Playground tutorials have an example for showing weapon and shield.
    Equipment viewers can also change materials on the combatant's game object.

    Alternatively, combatants can use Conditional Prefabs to change their entire prefab based on conditions, e.g. switching to a different one based on the combatant's class or equipped armor.
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  • Thanks @gamingislove - it was a late night, and after you answered - it dawned on me that you already answered this for me on a different discussion.

    But the conditional prefabs is what I was looking for, for when a combatant changes classes. Appreciate it!
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