I'm sorry, but I would appreciate your advice.

The word ''data'' comes up, but what is data?
Is it an Makinom-specific word? Or is it a word that appears in C #?

Is it different from C # classes, game object type arrays, and variables?
Or is it something similar?

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  • The word data doesn't come up at all in the 05 Destroying Jewels tutorial.

    Maybe you mean the other tutorials, where data, or rather selected data refers to the feature that's used to remember stuff. E.g. in the matching jewels tutorial it explains it a bit at the start - matching jewels are stored in selected data to remember them and be able to check them, use them, etc.

    Settings like Data Key or Data Origin in this regard refer to the key/name used to store something in selected data and in which selected data it's stored, e.g. global or local - works the same as with variables, where global is available at all times while local is only available in the running schematic.
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  • Thank you for your reply.

    First of all, I made a mistake in the tutorial number.
    It was "04 Matching Jewels" instead of "05 Destroying Jewels".
    I edited it later and corrected the title. excuse me.

    I understand that data can be used like a variable.
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