Intermediate saving is required, but under what conditions should this be done?

For example, do I have to do this after using a particular node?
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  • Like before, I think you're on the wrong tutorial - intermediate saving is used in the 04 Matching Jewels tutorial.

    It also explains why it's needed: The schematic you're working on will call itself in case there is more jewels found - and to do that, you first need to save the schematic to be able to select the asset.
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  • Thank you for your reply. I noticed a mistake and fixed the title.

    I'm sorry to explain it again.

    When translating English into my country's language, the translation was a bit weird and didn't make sense at first.

    I read it again in English and understood it.
    I understand that in order to save the schematic itself in the schematic, you have to save it.
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