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I'm pretty sure this must be a setting somewhere but I can't find.

I have the entire group on the Field, as soon as I enter the battle, the character that is set as group leader will vanish.

I checked Scene Hierarchy and it disables the Leader Game Object. it's happening with my own combatants and with the tutorial ones too.

Can anyone give me some light?

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  • Is your player part of the battle group (i.e. fighting in battles) or are you using the Pokemon approach, having a non-battle player (e.g. as in the 2D Grid Battle RPG tutorials)?

    Also, do you fight in the same scene or use teleport battles to load a battle scene?

    Generally, whatever happens to your player (and other things) at the start of the battle is usually set up in your battle start schematic.
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  • Hahaha Fixed

    You were super right. I had a node to disable my custom player control script in the startbattle schematic, and I have it set to disable the gameobject when that happens!

    Thank you for the advice, I was probably very sleepy last night and forgot about it!
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