I’m encountering a weird issue. Using real-time battles, if the player engages an enemy of an enemy faction, other enemies of different factions won’t attack at all, neither the player or the other faction. If not engaged the enemies attack as normal. All factions are set to be enemies.

Any thoughts?

  • For example. We have the players faction, a faction called ‘monsters’ and a faction called ‘enemies’. All are set to dislike each other. If the player enters combat with a ‘monster’, any from the ‘enemies’ faction then don’t attack even if the player attacked them. If I reload and engage the ‘enemies’ first, the monster doesn’t attack anyone.
  • Think I’ve solved it. I believe it was to do with the whole scene being a real-time battle area, so I’ve changed the auto join battle settings using the player as the start point
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    If you want to make real time battles just everywhere, use a Real Time Battle Area component. This'll have an ongoing real time battle with every combatant in the scene participating.

    Otherwise, running into an enemy will trigger a regular battle that uses the Battle component (when using auto start battles, check out the Battle Settings > Auto Start Battles in Combatants > Combatants > General Settings). In which case you can allow other combatants to join the battle via Battles > Battle System > General Settings in the Base Settings > Auto Join Settings.
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  • Thanks, I think the joining battles was causing the bulk of the AI problems. Appears to be running much better now.
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