How feasible would mod support be with Ork Framework 3? There seems to be a few asset tools that allow you to mod(replace) textures and such but I'm wondering if there's a solution that would allow modding ork files into my project. This would allow players to add custom elements such as items, combatants, script machines or even new scenes. Maybe if a player used the free test version to create and export a element with certain parameters in the name and then imported into the game managed by a mod tool, it could work?
  • I've never really looked into modding, but I guess you could do something via asset bundles? Probably ...
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    After days of researching and testing different approaches I've determined I'm not capable of getting basic modding to work without genuine coding involved. The biggest problem is accessing the imported Asset Bundles via Addressable. Addressable allows you to references the bundles by name, so as long as the file in the bundle is address with the same name, a user can change the file as they like. There is no none scripting solution to unload and manage assets in addressable.

    Oh, well. At least I tried.

    It seems Unity wants to replace the work flow of using Asset Bundles with just using Addressables in general.

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