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Hey Guys, can anyone give me a starting point?

I have been playing around with real Time Battles to an Action Rpg Study Case, but I would like to create a sheathe and unsheathe weapon.

If the player press the attack button it is attacked he enters a battle stance, if no attack input happens or the player is not attacked in 20 s he unsheathes the weapon. I have done the animator controller for it, but have no idea how to set it up in ORK.

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    Hm, could be done by a status effect (which can override animations like equipment). So, attacking or being attacked adds the effect (e.g. with the 20 second duration) - using schematics when the effect is applied/removed also allows you to play animations (or do other things).

    You can set the effect to be Hidden in the effect's Base Settings to hide this from the player :)
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  • Wow, thanks, got it working!
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