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Hey, one more question, I'm training the Schematics for Abilities, and got stuck into an effect I'm trying to emulate.

I want my Player to jump from his location to the enemy location, I have done well jumping a set amount of space, But have not been able to jump to the enemy location. I'm using the Move into Direction node and Select combatant node to get the selected enemy position.

So far something is missing, and I have a vague idea that I'm using selected data wrong...

this is my full schematic, the hidden player jump goes weel with a set vector 3 as move into Direction.

This is my Select combatant Node

and this is my Move Into Direction node.

Any insights?
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    I changed select combatant for the selected combatant object and the move into the direction for the Move node and it worked like a charm!

    I'll post end results here. I'm simulating FFXV Noctis sword jump.
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  • The Indivdual Target you used in your Select Combatant node would only get a combatant if the machine object's combatant has an individual target selected - and individual targets are set up at all.

    They're set up in Battles > Target Settings > Individual Targets and allow to have marked targets to automatically use actions on. I.e. they're not some currently selected target of an action or via the battle menu.
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