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ORK Framework 3.4 is here!
This update adds combatant reaction portraits, damage/refresh flying texts based on attack modifiers, new start menu options, new menu screen and shop features, new schematic nodes and other new features changes and fixes.

Additionally, you can now use components on user/target/raycast cursor prefabs to forward information on the selected combatant or used action. E.g. the Affect Range Scale Target Selection Cursor component scales the game object based on the affect range of the used ability. Create custom components by implementing the different interfaces.
Learn more about them in this documentation.

See all details in the release notes.

Makinom 2.5 is here!
This update adds prefab savers to save information about spawned prefabs, game object savers to save information about (already placed) game objects in your scenes), formula sub calculations, new Vector3 value types and other new features, changes and fixes.

See all details in the release notes.
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