Hye guys, I have made HUGE improvements with my prototype, but I'm having a weird issue with the tutorial spit particle. It never shows up on the floor but at the waist of my character.

here is the example I got to capture in a screenshot:


  • That's because the spit attack (from the tutorials) just spawns the prefab via it's damage dealer doing damage - this spawns the prefab where it hit something.

    For more complex things, use a schematic to animate the damage dealer's hit - here you can spawn a prefab on the ground by e.g. first finding the ground position via a raycast (at the hit's position.

    However, the best way to handle this kind of thing is to have the particle effect itself handle that. E.g. Unity's visual effects graph can create awesome and complex effects like that :)
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  • I'm going to create a new schematic to test. I'm still learning how to integrate de effects with ORK.
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