Hey :)

A small thing, but that caused me some confusion, so want to check it's working as it should be...

I have an ability that I want to check for a Status Condition on the target, to then apply a Status Value Change to that target.

I initially set it up as in the screen shot below, with "Target" selected for the Condition Check On and also for the Condition 0 Game Object. However, that didn't work. But changing that game object to be "User" instead appears to be working fine. Is that how it's supposed to be? It feels weird that selecting User appears to be actually checking for something on the Target...


  • It's a bit complicated, but when checking on the Target, the game object for the condition should be the User.

    The conditions are universal settings, so they define User and Target as what's passed on to it. If you check on the target, the condition's User is the target of the action and the Target is the user of the action.
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  • Kk, good to know, thx for the info... :)
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