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Hey there!

I'm probably missing something. I have been having a hard time displaying a combatant selection list and the complete status values of the selected character on the same screen. My combatant list will not change the current menu user event if I click on a new one, as shown in the video recording:

here is my setup, probably wrong:


The first image is the part that generates the group list at the left

This second image is setting the status values, I have changed nothing on the 3d RPG tutorial HUD that is used as content. The next two are how I set the HUD that I created and used on the first pic, it creates the character selection menu:

The Char Selection Prefab is a copy of the combatant information, pure and simple.

Can anyone give me some tips?

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  • @Limonada Instead of using the Combatant menu part for that status display, try using the Menu User menu part. I haven't personally used this, but based on the description I believe that might get you what you are after.
  • Hey @Acissathar , Tried that but the status part did not change.

    I have just found a convoluted solution by putting a HUD Click Component on my Char Selection Prefab and calling a Schematich that sets the holder as the menu User. I bet there is a way to do it with menu User, just have no idea how to make the second content work in synch.
  • The Select User option just highlights the current menu user via having the combatant's input as the selected input, it doesn't change the menu user.

    Using the HUD Click component for this is the right way to do it for such a user change HUD.

    Alternatively, the Menu User menu part can be used to display the combatants that can be changed to (if Allow User Change is enabled for the menu screen). Still needs the HUD Click component change to a clicked combatant.
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  • Thank you @gamingislove !
    I'm using HUD click Just like you Said! I found the c# script while testing ideias and it Works as a charm.
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