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I just finished commenting this on omeegaas horse riding thread, but I figured it’s an involved enough topic to merit it’s own thread:

To paraphrase initially I’m also interested in implementing systems like riding horses, climbing and other involved traversal. However after a deepdive I’m convinced it would take a LOT of learning and polishing to get a result for that would feel right for my abilities including locomotion, since I’m less experienced with ork compared to others here. It’s certainly possible from what I’ve read with great results since Ork is powerful, however since other packages allow these mechanics out of the box it would be great to have the the option to also implement integration to utilize this, since the game I’m working on has a huge amount of these movement sets needing to be created which would require a lot of time and attention to detail for every move set created. This would mean that rather than spending weeks or months creating and tweaking them, they could essentially be ready out of the box with the integration.

An official integration like this would be amazing because between those kits you have instant access to every move set imaginable as well as animations for those moves. Paired with all of orks systems and versatility, it would be a game changer in how quickly and deeply someone could prototype and get their AROG games running with ork: the workflow would be fantastic.

I have read on the discord that Tikal has used the official GKC integration to connect ABC and Malbers into Game kit controller and has then integrated these systems himself to have them all working well alongside ORK.

It seems as though Tikal has put in a huge amount of effort to get this working and has contacted the other devs for details to get this working.

I understand that it is possible to create many of these systems in schematics, but these assets devs have spent years creating and tweaking their moves and animations, it would be amazing to have instant access to that alongside ork, and would dramatically lower the time required and barrier for entry to create polished moves with ORK even for those still learning how to use schematics well.

It sounds like they work well together from what I’ve read with Tikal’s integration and they don’t conflict.
I’m quite sure I read on their discord that Mozza from abc is already planning on using Tikal’s integration as a base to provide official support from his end.
It would be fantastic if Malbers, Game kit controller and yourself could get in touch with each other and consider using Tikal’s integration as a basis to make it official and give all 4 communities access to the combination of these systems. I’m sure ORK users would be happy with it, but also the extensive amount of users in their communities would be as well: to be able to have access to a deep RPG system like ORK to connect to their games. In my mind there wouldn’t be a more powerful asset combination anywhere else on the UAS, particularly for ARPGs.

I know you’re currently on holiday GIL and hope you’re having a well deserved break!
When you’re back on the forums if you would consider this, i know of many in the community would be very excited.
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  • I can look into it if you give me some links to their products :)
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    That would be fantastic @gamingislove thank-you!

    Here are the links:
    ABC controller - https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/game-toolkits/ability-combat-toolkit-155168

    Malbers animal controller - https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/tools/animation/animal-controller-148877

    Game kit controller - https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/templates/systems/game-kit-controller-40995

    And I believe Tikal’s username here is @Solkyoshiro they know much more about the integration and these packages than I do
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  • +1 to ABC integration
  • Oh ho, I see I've been summoned and mentioned! Glad to see people are looking at my little self integrations.

    @gamingislove I can DM you with any information if you want.

    I'm working on seeing what it would take for Game Kit Controller to work with Ork 3. Which by proxy will bring in ABC and Malbers support.
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    That's awesome @Solkyoshiro !
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  • Thanks @Solkyoshiro - that'd be a great help, though I don't know when I'll actually get to looking into any of this :D
    Please consider rating/reviewing my products on the Asset Store (hopefully positively), as that helps tremendously with getting found.
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    Got to give @Solkyoshiro a shoutout, they've been making awesome progress with the integration!

    Most days Tikal has been on the the GKC forums brainstorming and problem solving with the Dev there. From what I gather the GKC dev seems quite keen to get his hands on Ork once he's pushed his upcoming update, to test and once Tikal has got both working together well and try to get something official happening.

    Also the Malbers seem interested on the integration, in the discussions the've positively reacted to much of what has been said. There's been a well made video by 'indie tutorials' uploaded to show how to use Malbers controller, which seems straightforward which is great.

    Tikal's been putting in a great effort and users have been singing the praises of Ork framework in the servers and also the potential that this presents. Great times ahead!

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