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Hi, not sure if I'm missing it, but it would be great if we could have the functionality to specify or provide a custom Flying Text settings for each Status Value/Effect Change, that can override the Flying Texts set up in the Statue Value/Effect itself.

What I mean by this is, for example, I've set up a Status Effect [Poison] that has a negative Status Value Change to [HP] per turn. Currently, I can only use the flying text set up in the "damage" portion of the [HP] stat, which makes it appear the same as any other effect that also has a negative [HP] change, e.g. damage from other attacks in that turn.

However, I would like to distinguish that negative [HP] change as coming from the [Poison] Status Effect, e.g. give it different colour and text content such "Poison \value/" etc.

It would be great if this is something we could specify in each Status Value Change # section.

Similarly, the same problem applies to the Console Text. Currently it uses the Console Text set up for the [HP] status itself, so it appears the same as other negative [HP] changes from other sources, e.g. "Character HP -100". So it would be great if we can also specify this for each specific Status Value Change, e.g. "Character receives 100 Poison Damage from Poisoned Status"

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  • Currently you can use attack modifiers to change the text color (and flying text for weakness/strength for that attribute), so if you use some poison attack mofifier attribute, you could change the color of those flying texts.

    I'll look into adding more content information about the source of the status value change.
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