Hi, I'm wondering if its possible to have Flying Texts of multiple changes WITHIN the same turn to not appear all at the same time, but for example, in rapid succession? So as not to appear convoluted in the overhead space, and to generally appear visually dynamic and readable.

I know the logic is a bit hazy, because unlike real time, most of the actions/changes within the same turn is calculated all at the same time (or almost). And so the flying texts appear all at once either at the start or end of turn.

I was thinking of something like adding the "wait" option for each Status Value/Effect Change that uses a flying text, if that even makes sense. I was trying to find a way to do this using schematics (put where?) but couldn't find one.

  • No, but you can use the flying text positions to have multiple positions. Via the Use In Order setting you can use them in the order they're defined instead of randomly). The order can also be reset after a defined time to start from the first position for changes that happen later.
    Default for all flying texts is set up in UI > UI Settings in the Flying Text Settings.
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