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Hi, it seems like the reference codes \name/, \username/ and \targetname/ are not working when used in Add Console line node.

My context:
I added a schematic to an Ability to replace the Console line texts printed by the default set up in the in the Console Settings and Type. Wanted to call the name of the user of the ability, but it just appears exactly as "\username/ does xxx action..." in console.

Additionally, \targetname/ used in the Console Settings and Type set up also doesn't seem to work

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  • Well, yeah - the Add Console Line node doesn't have any of those text codes available, otherwise they'd be displayed above the text area.

    If you want to show that kind of information, you'll have to get it from the schematic:
    - user/target > add actors for the Machine Object (user) and Starting Object (target) to be able to use actor text codes
    - use a Store Selected Data Content node to store content information (e.g. the name) of the action (available in the schematic via selected data action) into a variable > use string variable text code in your console node
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