Hello ,

In the development of my job system I encounter a slight difficulty.

It is an rpg with an active team of 6 players + reserve and it is possible to switch from one character to another with the previous/next page key.

So when I am on the character at index 2 for example in the skill tree and I change to the job tree (crafting), the points available are those of the last character selected on the previous page.

What I want to do is that when I arrive on this job page, the points displayed either that of a character defined without the possibility of changing or points pooled (I go through the status value of the experience and consumable type for these points ) so that there is no variation on these points due to a character such or such.

Is it feasible?
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    Well, status values are combatant-based, i.e. they're not shared.

    For a shared pool of points for research trees (and other things), I'd recommend to use items as costs instead.
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