I was going through 3edActionRpg tutorials.
Then I was creating sprint ability in target selection settings I changed TargetRange to None (while target type was Enemy).
Then I saw in tutorial that TargetType should be Self.
That hides TargetRange setting.

with hidden TargetRange=None and shown TargetType=Self
Ability is not executing.
with hidden TargetRange=Single and shonw TargetType=Self
Ability is executing.

Hidden settings (like TargetRange in that case) should not affect execution logic.

Othervise it is really confusing and difficult to solve problem.

TargetRange should be visible then TargetType=Self.
Or TargetRange should be hidden and not affect ability exectution then TargetType=Self.

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    Target Range shouldn't be affecting Self target types.
    I'll investigate and fix it in the next update.

    Edit: Can confirm this - throws an error on my end.
    Will be fixed in the next update.
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    Yeah. It was throuwing an error actually. I did not noticed that.. I would have found the case faster if I glanced in console). This will be a lesson for me).
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