Hey GiL,

I've migrated from ORK 2. I don't see a individual display element of a HUD anymore.
My goal is to create 10 separate currency elements with an icon and text right of it representing its quantity with a tooltip on hover.
So I've decided to create Menu -> Information in ORK 3. Information elemets are basically just 'Additional Content' parts I guess??
Problem still remains about where is the variable condition for it? I saw a script that I can attach to the UI components named 'HUD Condition'. That only applies to HUD elements but is that the thing that I have to use??

Very confusing and no info about this anywhere. Really lacks a proper tutorial.
  • The Information menu part can add a HUD for more complex content information display.

    Check out some of the new UI/HUD tutorials, e.g. the currency HUD.

    The new HUD setup is completely different and depends on the used UI system, though currently only Unity UI module is available. You set up the HUD content like any regular Unity UI, i.e. part of the HUD's prefab.
    If something should be shown/hidden based on conditions, you can use teh HUD Condition component to enable/disable the game object (and child objects).
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