I’m working my way through all of the tutorials, made my way through the turn based and almost through the action.
I’m trying to find the demo that is shown on the YouTube video at 1:41 with the weapon selection ui in the bottom centre. I feel like I must be overlooking where to locate it.
Where can I find this demo and the accompanying tutorial?

  • Looks like that's 3D RPG Playground with its battle system changed to be real time, just like 3D Action RPG. There's a tutorial to make a shortcut bar like that: Shortcuts HUD. But I don't think there's a specific tutorial for this exact setup.
  • Yeah, it's a real time variant of the 3D RPG Playground project - just something I quickly put together for the video. It uses mainly None target range (with raycast targeting for the magic stuff) and damage dealers/zones.

    A download for this project is available here, but the project isn't maintained or explained :)
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  • How about the grid battle varian, can we also get to download the example project?
  • Everything is available on the main website.

    You can find the Grid Battle Tutorial Project completed within the Grid Battle Tutorial but here's a direct link.

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