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I need to access the info when in battle if we are currently choosing a target (and be notified when it changes). Right after clicking an ability, the ability is not used yet and I haven't found a general way to know the current state. I found this : ORK.Battle.IsTargetSelectionActive but I don't want to check all the time if the bool is changing or not.
Is there something I missed?
Thank you !
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  • Battles > Target Settings > Target Dialogues > Target Information > Show User Changes & Target Changes let you launch schematics which you could use to set your own bools.
  • not sure if this would work but perhaps registering to this event you'll get notified when the target changed?

    ORK.Game.ActiveGroup.Leader.UI.AfterTargetChange += UI_AfterTargetChange;
  • I don't think there's currently a way beside checking ORK.Battle.IsTargetSelectionActive.
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  • Thank you for all the answers :)
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