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If I want to manage target acquisition/selection logic completely by myself.
Where do I put that logic?

One approach that seems to be working is to create another schematic there first put logic that manages targets acquiring.
Then add node "UseBattleAction" and choose that acquired target inside a node.
But that another new schematic per each ability.

Is there any alternatives to inject custom targeting inside ability logic (from code or schematics)?
(for casting we have ability to execute custom schematics, maybe something similar? )
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  • You don't need to go via Use Battle Action - the Change Action Targets node allows you to change targets of the action the schematic is animating. Also, the Calculate Action node allows you to use different targets as well.

    So, you'd just have to add a targeting schematic to your abilities/items, or use the Ability/Item Start Animation schematics to use them for all abilities or items.
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