I wish to have certain sprites display above the ORK GUI. How can this be achieved? If it can't be done, how can I hide the GUI menu?

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  • Is this for ORK 2 or 3?

    If ORK 2 and you want to mix legacy GUI and new UI - the legacy GUI is always displayed above new UI canvas. That's how this works in Unity.

    If it's in ORK 3 or ORK 2 only using new UI, ORK handles this via the UI layers. I.e. if something should be displayed above other stuff, put it on a UI layer that's above the other stuff.
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    I'm using ORK2.

    I just tried changing to New UI to test if from there I could have my sprite show above the GUI, but now there's no visible UI. Do I need to do extra steps when using the New UI?

    I checked on this and I need to reconfigure the UI, no need to reply, thanks!
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