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Good morning !

I allow myself to make a subject because I cannot manage to ensure that when I have several input keys for the same movement or action it works.
For example for horizontal move I put the left right arrows and I added "s" and "d" but only the arrows work.
Besides, I don't think I've seen a tutorial that explains how to make a menu where the player can change his keys. Is this function possible with ORK?
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  • Here's a tutorial on combining multiple input keys. In short, you'd have 3 input keys:
    - arrow left/right
    - S/D
    - combined key (using arrows and S/D)

    The combined key is used in your ORK setup, getting the input from the other keys.

    ORK has no built-in input assignment to let the player change inputs. You can use other input solutions for something like this and use them in ORK. E.g. via this extension for Rewired inputs.
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