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I'm trying to make a combat tutorial and I can't find the right moment to show the contextual actions (it's a turn-based game).
I tried to add things in the battle start but obviously that's not where I should intervene.
The goal would be for the fight to start, for the fight menu to appear and then I would bring up boxes and dialog boxes to show the different buttons and explain them (the box part I get there) and that in some case after reading the dialog a combat action is executed then after that other dialog boxes appear and so on
Where it blocks when I do it from the battlestart schematics is that the combat menu does not appear and the chosen actions (skills) do not trigger after closing the dialog box, instead the node is ignored then it continues .
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    I'm not sure if that's entirely possible - you can e.g. show some information, but the tutorial can't do something like take control of the battle menu.

    Try using the turn start schematic of the combatant (or battle system) for this.

    An alternative could be using UI schematics in your battle menu's UI box, or e.g. an Auto Machine starting a schematic on the UI box's prefab.
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  • Ok it work well with an auto machine on the BOX prefab itself ;)
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