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Hey GiL,

I have a Combatant screen that has a additional content with a HUD that has 'Equipment List'.
It displays one of my equipment slots of my combatant. Now I want to equip him an item from separate Inventory UI Box. It works, if the Inventory UI Box has schematic 'Default Action' or set it to USE.

But I want to use Drag on the slot. Have Dragging enabled in the inventory UI Box, it just doesn't somehow register the input or the slot when I'm releasing the mouse cursor, so nothing happens.

Dragging it on a combatant will use it on the combatant. - Not sure how this works, because the HUD recognizes 'Current' combatant, and it knows whom the slot belongs to. What else do I need to do? This worked in ORK 2.

I think this is a bug, since I've checked it all milion times and there is nothing wrong with the setup. It shows the item when I force equip it on combatant through events.
Issue is only with the drag, I think it's not being recognized or there is something with the trigger maybe.

I can't use Menu -> Equipment, it has to be this HUD settings.

Edit: Tried even with the Equipment Menu setup and the Equip box with Drag enabled. Doesn't work with drag as well.

Probably the Drap and Drop raycast is broken or doesn't register the layer at all.
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  • I'll check it out - so you want to drop equipment on a combatant's HUD and have it equipped by the combatant?
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    Yes. And by 'combatant' it is a Combatant menu with HUD as additional content that represents an Equipment slot.
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