I want to change the portrait in the PlayerHUD according to the remaining HP, but I can't.
I'm sure I'm missing something simple.

At first I thought that if I specify Current HP value in Combatant's setting→Portraits→Status Condition, the portrait would change according to the condition, but Portrait Set0 is always displayed.

I tried using the Combatant Portrait Set Node in HP's ChangeSchematic, but only Portrait Set 0 was displayed as well.

If I check the "Use Random Portrait Set" checkbox, other portrait sets are displayed at the start of the battle, so I don't think there is a mistake in the PortraitType or Sprite...

Any ideas for a solution?
  • The easiest way would be to do this in your HUD prefab by using HUD Condition components to enable/disable different game objects on your HUD, each set up for other portraits.

    Otherwise, the portrait sets can be used with conditions to change the used portraits. This only works when not using random portrait sets, though. Also, you have to set up all portraits in all portrait sets, or they're not available to display.

    There's also reaction portraits available (default in the general settings for all combatants, each combatant can replace them in the information overrides). Theyshow different portrait types based on things happening to a combatant, e.g. showing a 'damage' portrait for a short time after receiving damage.
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  • Thanks for the quick reply, GIL.

    HUD condition Components, I didn't realize how useful that was!
    Now it works as expected, thanks!
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