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Simple Question : Is there any field to set a loading screen(between scene) ? I didn't see any option for this.
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    You need to do this manually. I recommend @RustedGames video on it. The name space is a little different (using GamingIsLove.Makinom;) if I remember right, but I followed that video to get it implemented myself. Note that you can still fade although the video says you can't, you just need to do it in code using: Maki.UI.ScreenFader.FadeScreen(Maki.GameSettings.defaultScreenFade.fadeIn);

    Forgot to link video lol
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    You can implement 3rd party solutions for loading screens via Makinom/ORK's Unity wrapper functionality (found in Game > Game Settings) - e.g. this extension adds support for loading screen pro.
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  • It looks like we're not talking about the same thing, in this video I see him configuring the main menu screen and the save/load save menu itself. What I'm looking to configure is a loading screen(images,video,etc) rather than fade in and out when the player changes scene or when the save load is done ^^
  • @omeegaa I forgot to link and then linked the wrong video. Sorry about that:

  • Yes that exactly what I needed ,thanks ;)
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