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Hey GiL,

I'm having some serious issues with equipping item. So I decided to not use Prefab viewer as I have a 3D object of custom combatant that is in the scene and I just want him to have equipped same items as the player so it is shown in the scene properly.

I'm using Change Equipment node that is set as selected data:
From Inventory - ticked
Only In Inventory - ticked
Only Instance - ticked

where it changes on the player. This works fine and it gives it to the player.
But then with a 0.1s wait node and another Change Equipment node but this time everything is unticked as I just want to give that same equipment to that object with equipment viewer set up. So Equipment is manually picked and Actor is found through a tag.

The issue is, I'm getting Unequipped -> Equipped event (debug log) every frame and the item on that object is stuck in a loop!?

I've done simple tests where 'Change Equipment' node even for ORK Player with everything unticked is causing Unity to go nuts with temp allocation memory errors...Unity 2020.3.37.

Can you please check this out?
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    Ok, I've realized, that I'm just dumb and had an equip event in the equipment, while I was equipping it through an event from the inventory button using the Select UI input context. Sigh
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