When you put UI buttons inside the Menu Screen -> Inventory button, that uses the node Select UI Input Context, they work fine but they don't actually update the Inventory after they are pressed.
E.g. I change string variable on an item that after I press the item button, but I have to re-open the Inventory menu screen to see changes on the button at all.

Either this is not intended or a bug, because if the event comes from Inventory menu part -> Default Action -> Schematic, it updates the variables right after the click. However, you're clicking the whole item so it's not ideal.

Can you please check this?
  • Content doesn't automatically update if you e.g. change an item's name. Overall inventory changes (adding/removing an item) will cause an update of the inventory menu, though.

    You can use the Refresh Menu Screen node after the change to cause a menu refresh - but it's currently bugged :D
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  • Thanks for honest reply :)
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