I want to apply a status effect to the Combat grid Cell, how do I make the status effect apply to the player only once, or how many turns after the player has applied the status effect the first time? Any good suggestions?
  • Generally via grid cell events, either permanent (added to the cell type or cell in the scene) or temporary cell events via schematics. Cell events need to be actively used, e.g. in the grid move schematic (as shown in the tutorial).

    Grid cell events can directly add status effects to a combatant on them and also optionally check for conditions if they should be used.
    For anything more complex, you can use schematics as grid cell events and do additional checks there.

    The rest depends on the details you want to check for. You can e.g. use object variables on the combatants to set that kind of information and check for it in the cell events.
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  • The skill in the cell event can solve the effect I need!
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