How can I modify a Machine Start Variable of Battle starting schematic with code? For example if I want to set the scene that is loaded at battle start. I can do this with a global variable because I know how to set this. But it's not clear how to set the Local Machine Start Variable. Thanks, -Mike

List<Combatant> combatants = new List<Combatant> { selectCardController.connectedGameObject.GetComponent<CombatantComponent>().Combatant };
newBattle = BattleComponent.CreateBattle(combatants);
newBattle.settings.ownStartSchematic = true;
AssetSource < MakinomSchematicAsset > tempAsset = new AssetSource<MakinomSchematicAsset>();
newBattle.settings.startSchematicAsset = tempAsset;
//Maki.Game.Variables.Set("Map_LoadSceneName", selectCardController.loadScene);
newBattle.settings.variableChanges.variable.SetValue(selectCardController.loadScene, 0); //Doesn't work

newBattle.settings.ownEndSchematic = true;
AssetSource<MakinomSchematicAsset> tempAsset2 = new AssetSource<MakinomSchematicAsset>();
newBattle.settings.victorySchematicAsset = tempAsset2;
  • They're only used by machine components, the Battle component doesn't have them, i.e. battle start/end schematic don't have them.
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