I'm setting a research menu to make the player learn new skills for their characters. After a character learns a skill, I've made a schematic run when the learn button is clicked. In the button prefab, in the UI Button Input component, I have the schematic trigger on Input Accepted Schematic.

Now, this schematic does two things: play a special sound effect and make the screen flash (Fade Screen node). When I click the learn button, the special sound effect plays correctly but the screen doesn't flash... until I actually close the research menu. (And the Fade Screen node is actually placed before the Play Sound node.)

Is there a way to make the screen flash at the moment the input is pressed and not when the menu is closed? I don't really understand why the sound is played immediately but the flash is delayed until the menu closes.

Thank you!
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    Seems like the screen fade isn't progressing due to the game being paused by the menu screen.
    I'll look into it.

    Edit: Yep, screen fades are currently only progressing when the game isn't paused, even when they're started during pause.
    Will change that in the next update (released later today).
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  • Awesome! Thanks :)
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