I am following the tutorial for the Action RPG and it doesn't show you how to activate jumping. I have tried my best trying to imitate the other movements in the tutorial, but with jump it does nothing. I already enabled the jump. I'm not sure what to do. I tried different things for a couple of hours and nothing works. Please if anyone knows how I would appreciate any help.
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    No need to open 2 topics for this.

    The 3D action RPG tutorials don't use jumping, they have a roll ability, though.
    The project isn't really set up for using jumping - since this project uses root motion for movement, there needs to be an animation set up to handle the jumping.

    Generally, ORK's built-in Button player control can handle jumping (somewhat) when using other move types, e.g. Character Controller. For anything better, you'll need to use custom controls.
    ORK's built-in controls are just there to get you started :)
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