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An editor-related suggestion, I found that if there are more than a dozen variables here, it becomes difficult to query or modify them, because after shrinking all the tabs are [Change Variable 0 Change Variable 1 Change Variable 2] Is it possible to add custom naming or automatic naming based on variable names!

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    I don't know if it's a problem, because my unity skills are very poor, and I don't know if what I said can be achieved
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  • Is it possible to add an option to change the variable name directly in the initialized variables of each schematic, instead of going to the Editor / Variables? ---- A schematic may have several variables, or a dozen, or even 20 or 30 variables. ...... I think the variable definition can be changed more intuitively. ...... Just like my request above, after searching the tabs, it can be more intuitive to I would like to see/modify each variable
  • Because my English is very poor, I am communicating with you through an interpreter, so I may have some problems in expressing myself
  • Variables are not defined in Editor > Variables, that's just an overview of what variables are used, where they're used and also allows you to change the variable key everywhere it's used.

    You define the variable key where you use it, e.g. in the Variable Key setting of a Change Variables node. No need to go to Editor > Variables for anything like that.
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