Hi - I'm opening a dialogue that shows a list of available quests when the player clicks on a quest board:

Select Quest -> Selected Data Choice -> Quest Choice -> Add Quest

If the player looks away from the quest board I want to close the dialogue as though they clicked the cancel button. How can I close the dialogue with a schematic? I've tried "Close Menu Screen - All" and "Close All Dialogues" neither of which work.


  • Those dialogues aren't menu screens, so Close Menu Screen node will not work for them. The Close All Dialogues node only works on Show Dialogue nodes opened by the schematic itself.

    What you need to do is stop the running schematic/machine, which might be a bit tricky. You can e.g. stop machine components on a game object using a Stop Machine Component node, the tricky part is knowing when to do that for your quest board via another schematic/machine.
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