I have completed the tutorial upto the point where I have to download and import the Status System Setup. I have downloaded and imported that.

There is an error showing now. Could you please help? Thanks. image

Also I am getting a bunch of errors that say this: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1ldwocWHaPP_XABcQqlJf9t4aH0luWfpc/view?usp=sharing

Is this ok? Thanks.
  • Those are warnings about overwriting some files, not errors—although there is one red error that is not visible in the screenshot.

    If you made a backup you should just clear the errors and try to proceed. If you didn't make a backup, you should get into the habit of making one before importing anything. In any case, try to proceed and if the error persists you should post what it is since we can't see it.
  • Hi, I have posted the image at the end of this sentence in my previous post:
    "There is an error showing now. Could you please help? Thanks. image"

    Thank you for your reply and advice to take backups. I am already taking backups regularly and will continue to do so. Thanks!
  • Oh, for some reason I can't see that image.
  • Sorry! Not sure what's happening. Here is the GoogleDrive Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1eImZpg83HALtJnBgcaU0PfRP5ouGi7Nt/view?usp=sharing
  • Which tutorials are you following? If it's the status system setup - you shouldn't import the completed setup here, since ... that's what the tutorial was about, setting up that data.
    If it's one of the other (e.g. 3D RPG Playground), importing the completed setup is only for the case you didn't do the status system setup tutorials.

    Do you have enough space on your drive? The backup functionality will create a unitypackage with all your data assets.
    As for the GUID warning ... this usually happens if you import something that has the same GUID as something in your Unity project.
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  • Thanks for uploading the image. I haven't encountered this error. It looks like most people who had this think it's a Unity bug that can be resolved by simply reopening the project, or in some cases using Assets > Reimport All.
  • Guys, after the new release of ORK 3.9 I restarted the project as advised. So far no problems. Thanks!!
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