Hello, using ORK for the first time, so I'm sure I have a beginner mistake somewhere here.
I'm following the tutorial for Interactions. I've created an interaction HUD prefab and configured it like so:

I've placed a Interaction Controller on my player, and an Interaction Machine on my NPC. There are no schematics used so far, but I should be seeing an "Interact" prompt on the UI, right? I haven't been able to see this at all. My interaction controller shows that there is an Available interaction, but there is still no HUD display. Did I miss something somewhere?
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    I think you need to place the interaction controller in the scene (not combatant prefab?) and add it in interaction General Settings.

    Go to the Guide page on this site and in the search bar type interaction you should find a page from 3d rpg playground tutorial that walks you through it
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  • Thank you. You're correct, I tried adding it directly to the prefab instead of the Makinom settings. Doing it all through the settings fixed my issue.
  • I got a different error, just in case someone else has similar problems. My mistake was, that I did not place a Collider on the NPC (set to trigger). Just placed one and it worked.
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