Hi, just had a few questions with battles:

- My player seems to move back to the last spawn point when entering battle
- Enemies Health doesn't appear during combat but the players is.
- Player attacks aren't dealing any damage but the enemy is, from what it should be hitting 100% of the time.
- Is there any way to change what the camera is targeting, my player is not the root object, but the camera keeps trying to focus on the root object.

Thank you
  • Hard to say without knowing the details of your setup.

    The battle start schematic handles combatant spawning/placement, so make sure you don't spawn the player back at the spawn point here.

    How do you display the enemy health? Also, when you're using the bestiary, the health might not be displayed before that information was learned.

    Attacks can depend on different things. E.g. the status values used by the damage calculation not being set correctly or attack/defence modifier attribute values not being set.

    There are also different ways to handle the camera. In Battles > Battle Camera you can set up an automatic battle camera that targets different combatants or the battle itself based on what's currently going on. Also, you can do camera changes via schematics in your battle start/end schematics and the schematics used to animate your battle actions.
    The main thing to consider is if the camera control is blocked or allowed during battle. If it's allowed, the battle camera can e.g. use Camera Control Target changes to target a different combatant.
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